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Apparently there is a new mutation gene of chinchilla on the block -- the curly haired chinchilla. The curly haired chinchilla was noted in germany by two chinchilla breeders Nikis Tierpage ( Nicole Judel ) -  http://www.nicks-tierpage.de and Chinchilla-Lexikon ( Sven Schröder ) - http://www.chinchilla-lexikon.de. The ebony-related curly mutation is a relatively new chinchilla mutation. The first Curly Chinchillas ( Locken Chinchillas ) born March 2004 (17.03.2004 ) and all today curly haired chinchillas are from. In December of 2007, Chinchillas.com, Jim Ritterspach of Ohio, and Tamara Tucker of Texas collectively imported a small group of curly chinchillas into the United States from Germany. Two of the original curlys stayed in Ohio to join the Ritterspach herd, and three went to Texas to join the Tucker herd. Both breeders initially outcrossed the curlys to expand the relatively small gene pool.


Curly Chinchilla

In german we called Locken Chinchilla ( Lockenchinchilla ) or REX-Chinchilla. In english some times we ask from lure chinchilla or lured chinchilla. Curly Chinchillas also a verry rare breed from two chinchilla breeders in germany  (Nikis Tierpage, Nicole Judel and Chinchilla-Lexikon, Sven Schröder). Information of "Curly chinchilla" name - My girlfriend have ask Laurie from www.chinchillas.com, how she calls them in english and she told me wave textured fur.


My curly chinchilla breeding

Update: In next time will born new curly chinchillas in my little chinchilla hobby farm

Locken Chinchilla from www.chinchilla-lexikon.de


Curly Chinchilla pictures

Below is a picture of a baby with the curly hair gene. Lured Chinchilla ( The second Locken Chinchilla from the world ) from me

Locken Chinchilla
Locken Chinchilla born 17.03.2004 in Germany ( Chinchilla-Lexikon.de )


Curly Fur under microscope

Microscope pictures from the wave textured fur